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PERFECT INTERNATIONAL Co. Ltd is one of the leading automobile trading company in Japan & Australia. We are exporters new/used motor vehicles and equipment from Japan and Australia to all over the world. We offer high quality vehicles, competitive prices and prompt services. We buy used vehicles daily from various Auctions in Japan to choose best vehicle for your requirements.

We buy all vehicles from Japan, main auctions such as USS Auctions, TAA Auctions, CAA Auctions, JU Auctions, JAA Auctions, NAA Auctions, Zero Auctions, GAO Auctions, ARAI auctions, Orix Auction, LAA Auctions, KCAA Auctions, HONDA Auctions & Direct from Toyota , Nissan , Honda, Mitsubishi, Mazda , Subaru, Isuzu, Suzuki main used Car dealers in Japan. We used Satellite Technology and fastest Internet high technology to handle over Japan Live auctions to buy used vehicles and in few Areas our staff check physically the vehicles at auction houses before buy for our own stock. In Australia we buy all vehicles from Melbourne Main Auction. We always buying vehicles above auction grade 4.0 level with low genuine mileage and offer for you high quality genuine vehicles for all over markets.

We supply any brand of Japanese used cars such as TOYOTA, NISSAN, HONDA, MITSUBISHI, MAZDA, SUBARU, SUZUKI, ISUZU, HINO AND Other Foreign brands such as BENZ, BMW, VOLVO, FORD, OPEL, ROVER etc. From Australia we can supply such as Japanese brand vehicles and Australian Product vehicles such as HOLDEN and FORD. Also we can supply vehicle from Singapore such as KOREAN and Japanese used vehicles for our customers. PERFECT INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD mission is to supply for you PERFECT & quality vehicles, PERFECT & best service to enjoy PERFECT life with your dream vehicle.


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